Retired Royal Canadian Navy sailor, trained journalist, creative writer, and PhD candidate.

Samantha D. Stevens is a British/Canadian settler PhD candidate in collaborative Canadian studies with a Specialization in Political Economy at Carleton University.

Samantha is currently working on her dissertation and plans to defend by April 2025.


New page added: “Current Project: PhD Dissertation”

With ResearchGate removing their “Projects” pages and ability to update progress, I decided to add a new page to this website that allowed me to track the progress on my dissertation. As a living document, not only does tracking my progress allow for a level of transparency in my work, but it is also a…

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“It’s enough”: Embracing our core

During the pandemic I think we, as a society, truly learned how overworked, burnt out, and overstimulated we really are. Though it differed for everyone, for a time the pause on our daily hustles revealed a world of quiet, a world of thoughtful interactions. However, as the work pace has picked up again, I have…

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